Positive perspectives and practices for personal growth.

The 84th Problem

Life is often hectic, not to mention full of problems. So much to do, so many issues to resolve, so little time to get it all done. We're left burdened and pressured to the point of being overwhelmed. Of course, some of us cope better than others … [Continue reading]

Life is Short, Misery is Optional

Life is way too short - I am coming more and more to appreciate - to squander in any shape or form. That means either allowing negative emotions to bring you down; or alternatively, wasting your time on the trivial, or on anything you don't do with … [Continue reading]

Limiting Emotional Investment

Nothing is important. We really are insignificant. A post on Universe Today just helped me to appreciate the sheer, incomprehensible enormity of the Universe... and highlighted by contrast, just how insignificant even the most egotistical and … [Continue reading]

Chillax: 10 Rules for a Stress-Free Life

I just looked up ‘chillax’ in the Urban Dictionary, not because I’m so behind with the times that I don’t know what it means, but simply because I wanted a nice, succinct, as well as illustrative definition that goes beyond ‘a combination of … [Continue reading]

I Don’t Give a F**K About Anything, Me

I had a friend at University called 'Ed' - I can't remember his last name but I remember his philosophy on life very clearly. Ed used to say in a broad Lancashire accent, "I don't give a f**k about anything, me". I couldn't help but admire Ed's … [Continue reading]

Monkeys, Raisins and Intrinsic Motivation

I’m not keen on experiments involving animals I have to admit, but one that always tickles me involved some rhesus monkeys, a simple puzzle and some raisins. In 1949, way before the Nintendo DS and Dr Kawashima's Brain Training came on the scene, … [Continue reading]

Time Mismanagement

I have tried many different ways over the years to organise my time. I've tried allocating specific blocks to each task; I've tried forcing myself to work like clockwork at the same time every day; I've tried working in regimented short bursts … [Continue reading]

Who Needs Goals?

Our main business is not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand. Thomas Carlyle I don’t do ‘goals’ well myself, in fact I struggle with most established performance related concepts like ‘detail’, ‘planning’ and … [Continue reading]

Keep Calm

A good friend of mine stuck a poster up on my Facebook page the other day which reads 'Keep Calm and Listen to Bon Jovi'. She had of course just read one of my many recent articles that have alluded to the lyrics of that great band for … [Continue reading]

Have a Nice Day!

I have been increasingly berating myself in many areas of my life over the last couple of weeks. I've found myself dragging my feet with work, with exercise, with routine; all of which has created an underlying sense of frustration, as well as … [Continue reading]