Positive perspectives and practices for personal growth.

Single Tasking: The Key To Reducing Stress & Increasing Efficiency

Living in the present is a truly wonderful thing. It’s when you’re living in the moment that you’re truly released from the insecurities of your past, and when the uncertainties of the future no longer preoccupy your mind. It’s in the moment that you can give your undivided attention to what really makes the difference […]

Monkeys, Raisins and Intrinsic Motivation

I’m not keen on experiments involving animals I have to admit, but one that always tickles me involved some rhesus monkeys, a simple puzzle and some raisins. In 1949, way before the Nintendo DS and Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training came on the scene, Harry Harlow, a Professor of psychology with an interest in motivation, gave […]

The Motivation to Act: What’s In It for Me?

How do we motivate ourselves to do anything, and I mean anything? Not surprisingly, motivation arises from wanting to do whatever that anything is. But why do we want to do anything in the first place – what is the root cause of that desire that compels us to act? Well, at a fundamental level, desire simply stems from a realisation that there’s some form of positive trade-off for our efforts. But what happens if the reward of doing something isn’t so obvious – hidden deep beneath the surface of a difficult or unpleasant task? How then can you still motivate yourself into action?

A simple tip for getting things done (even daunting, boring and stressful things)

A few weeks ago I wrote about a vicious cycle of procrastination I recently allowed myself to get subconsciously embroiled in; and how my inability to confront what I needed to do head-on left me so stressed that I really wasn’t able to focus on anything else for several weeks. Thankfully, once I was prepared to take responsibility for the situation (that I through my own omission had landed myself in) I was able to break free by using a very simple, practical strategy – one that took me all of half an hour to put into practice.

Putting Things Off: Forgetting the Power of Choice

I have an aversion to bureaucracy and completing administrative tasks that borders on the phobic. If fact just momentarily dwelling on a mental image of the copious volumes of ‘official’ administrative obligations we’re all incessantly burdened with is guaranteed to raise my stress levels by at least a notch; a stress level, that if left unchecked, can quickly rise to eye bulging proportions when confronted with the reality of filling in even a simple form. But as an adult who takes full responsibility for my own life, I have placed a great deal of emphasis over the years on developing effective strategies for tackling head-on tasks I find boring, tedious and distasteful. Something I’ve learned to do, I’m pleased to say, pretty effectively…most of the time.

Detach From Your Ego – Live Life in the Flow

How often do you feel as if you’re not performing at your best because of the whirlwind of thoughts that ceaselessly preoccupy your mind? My guess is if you’re anything like me, the frantic world in which we live can often leave you brimming with stresses and insecurities that end up dominating your consciousness. How much more could you accomplish and how much better could you do it if you could unburden your mind of every last thought and in so doing unleash its full, unadulterated power? You have that ability…