Positive perspectives and practices for personal growth.

Overcoming Broken Windows & Bottlenecks

Have you ever read an article, or watched a documentary, about some poor, dysfunctional soul who’s allowed masses of rubbish to pile up inside their house; so much rubbish in fact – accumulated over countless years – that they’ve had to move a mountain of bin bags just to get in and out of their […]

I Don’t Give a F**K About Anything, Me

I had a friend at University called ‘Ed’ – I can’t remember his last name but I remember his philosophy on life very clearly. Ed used to say in a broad Lancashire accent, “I don’t give a f**k about anything, me”. I couldn’t help but admire Ed’s philosophy on life because at the time I […]

Monkeys, Raisins and Intrinsic Motivation

I’m not keen on experiments involving animals I have to admit, but one that always tickles me involved some rhesus monkeys, a simple puzzle and some raisins. In 1949, way before the Nintendo DS and Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training came on the scene, Harry Harlow, a Professor of psychology with an interest in motivation, gave […]

Who Needs Goals?

Our main business is not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand. Thomas Carlyle I don’t do ‘goals’ well myself, in fact I struggle with most established performance related concepts like ‘detail’, ‘planning’ and ‘routine’…they’re all entirely alien to me. I’m a scruffy brained intuitive, creative, […]

Have a Nice Day!

I have been increasingly berating myself in many areas of my life over the last couple of weeks. I’ve found myself dragging my feet with work, with exercise, with routine; all of which has created an underlying sense of frustration, as well as growing sense of urgency and anxiety…and the consumption of one too many […]

The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything

More than anything else in life, nothing perplexes us more than the question of purpose. All those metaphysical favourites such as ‘What’s the meaning of life?’ and ‘Why am I here?’ intrigue us, subconsciously at least, all our lives.

How to Make Positive Changes to Your Life

Working towards a new goal, any new goal can seem like a daunting prospect. After all, worthwhile goals by definition involve challenge – they take copious amounts of time, determination and energy to achieve, as well as the courage to stretch yourself past your comfort zone. If a goal doesn’t stretch you – mentally, emotionally or intellectually – then obviously, it’s not moving you further forward in life; which is the whole purpose of a goal. Without those things a goal is simply covering old ground.

A simple tip for getting things done (even daunting, boring and stressful things)

A few weeks ago I wrote about a vicious cycle of procrastination I recently allowed myself to get subconsciously embroiled in; and how my inability to confront what I needed to do head-on left me so stressed that I really wasn’t able to focus on anything else for several weeks. Thankfully, once I was prepared to take responsibility for the situation (that I through my own omission had landed myself in) I was able to break free by using a very simple, practical strategy – one that took me all of half an hour to put into practice.

Having compassion for your weaknesses

Each day I try to grow as a human being; for me that is one of life’s greatest purposes (and challenges). Committed as I am to that purpose I always do my best to see both life and the people I meet through a positive perspective (as I’ve talked about in my last few articles). What’s more, I try to live by the basic principles of humanity: respect, courage, honesty, empathy and compassion; and I try to live a life of worthwhile purpose. In short, I try to live a life that’s both personally fulfilling and one that makes a positive contribution to the world. But sometimes, no matter what I do I fail…or at least I feel as if I’m failing.

Putting Things Off: Forgetting the Power of Choice

I have an aversion to bureaucracy and completing administrative tasks that borders on the phobic. If fact just momentarily dwelling on a mental image of the copious volumes of ‘official’ administrative obligations we’re all incessantly burdened with is guaranteed to raise my stress levels by at least a notch; a stress level, that if left unchecked, can quickly rise to eye bulging proportions when confronted with the reality of filling in even a simple form. But as an adult who takes full responsibility for my own life, I have placed a great deal of emphasis over the years on developing effective strategies for tackling head-on tasks I find boring, tedious and distasteful. Something I’ve learned to do, I’m pleased to say, pretty effectively…most of the time.