Positive perspectives and practices for personal growth.

Single Tasking: The Key To Reducing Stress & Increasing Efficiency

Living in the present is a truly wonderful thing. It’s when you’re living in the moment that you’re truly released from the insecurities of your past, and when the uncertainties of the future no longer preoccupy your mind. It’s in the moment that you can give your undivided attention to what really makes the difference […]


There’s a discord running through all our lives… a gap, or maybe a gulf, between what we have and what we want. Do you know what? The disparity between the two is – according to Eastern philosophy at least – pretty much responsible for all human suffering. The theory goes that not having what we […]

The 84th Problem

Life is often hectic, not to mention full of problems. So much to do, so many issues to resolve, so little time to get it all done. We’re left burdened and pressured to the point of being overwhelmed. Of course, some of us cope better than others with this hectic pace of life. My fiancée, […]

Life is Short, Misery is Optional

Life is way too short – I am coming more and more to appreciate – to squander in any shape or form. That means either allowing negative emotions to bring you down; or alternatively, wasting your time on the trivial, or on anything you don’t do with full personal volition. Negative emotions that I am […]

Limiting Emotional Investment

Nothing is important. We really are insignificant. A post on Universe Today just helped me to appreciate the sheer, incomprehensible enormity of the Universe… and highlighted by contrast, just how insignificant even the most egotistical and megalomaniacal of us should feel. There are, according to that post, 400 billion stars in our galaxy alone, a […]

Chillax: 10 Rules for a Stress-Free Life

I just looked up ‘chillax’ in the Urban Dictionary, not because I’m so behind with the times that I don’t know what it means, but simply because I wanted a nice, succinct, as well as illustrative definition that goes beyond ‘a combination of chilled-out and relaxed’. Urban Dictionary obliged by offering the following:- To loosen […]

Keep Calm

A good friend of mine stuck a poster up on my Facebook page the other day which reads ‘Keep Calm and Listen to Bon Jovi’. She had of course just read one of my many recent articles that have alluded to the lyrics of that great band for inspiration. It brought a smile to my […]

The Root of all Suffering…and its Cure

According to Buddhist philosophy all human suffering stems from one, all-encompassing source; a suffering ‘master-key’ referred to as Duhkha (pronounced doo-ka). Although the translation I’m going to give here would probably make a Buddhist cringe (or more likely, to feel acceptance), ‘Duhkha’ to a Western mindset would translate, in the broadest sense of the word, to ‘dissatisfaction’. To the Buddhist mindset, Duhkha represents a subtle, but all-pervading undercurrent of dissatisfaction that permeates every fibre of human existence; and one which leads to all our anger, hate, despair, jealously, anxiety, fear, frustration and so forth.

Walking Away From Stress

Last night I was doing a little behind the scenes work on HelpfulHabits.net – delving into the coding, the nuts and bolts that ensure all my profound words of wisdom (or at least a bit profound and a little wise I hope :-)) to pop up neatly on your screen. Of course, despite the fact that I’ve been building websites off and on since 1998, the inevitable happened…I broke it. After hours of hard work, I was left with a jumbled onscreen mess that looked more like a undiscovered Jackson Pollock masterpiece than a website; a broken website that left me feeling (and probably looking) like the figure in Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’ at that.

Accepting the way you feel

We’re always searching for answers to explain the way we feel. If we feel stressed, angry, frustrated, irritated, upset, depressed or demotivated, our first inclination is to wrack our brain in search of the source – that key thought, belief or event from our past that’s driving that negativity. That can often by a good thing because it helps us to better understand ourselves, resolve underlying issues, adopt healthier perspectives and regain our peace of mind. But what happens if the root cause of our suffering remains elusive, beyond our conscious grasp?