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Life Is Short

My life has taken many twists and turns over the last few years. I’ve been rich, I’ve been poor. I’ve been happy, I’ve been clinically depressed. I’ve been alone, I’ve been – as I am now – in a very secure relationship. I’ve felt dysfunctional and insecure, conversely I’ve felt on top of the world, in control, invulnerable. I’ve felt burnt out, I’ve felt boundlessly enthusiastic.

There is one realisation more than any that always keep me going:

Life is short: It sounds like the ultimate cliche, but it is the most profound, positive realisation. I have witnessed fifteen year olds die of cancer. I have lived with the memory of a school friend – long forgotten to the dark pre-internet age – murdered before life really had an opportunity to begin. I see now innocents caught up in the collateral damage of war in Gaza and in Ukraine. I see everyday, the tragedy of landslides in India, the perverse intolerance of fundamentalist regimes in Syria and Iraq. The tragedy of Ebola indiscriminately taking life in West Africa.

Whoever we are, wherever we are, there is one certainty of life: it’s unpredictably and indiscriminately short.

However helpless, hopeless or depressed we might feel we don’t have the luxury to wait until tomorrow to make a change. However bad you feel, however dysfunctional, however hopeless, you simply can’t take a single day for granted to turn it all around.

Get up early. Work on those things that you know will make a difference, even if it feels pointless. The only pointlessness in life is letting life slip away. Stop looking back thinking, ‘If only I’d done that back then.’ Whatever you’re unhappy with, start changing it now. Don’t think that you have all the time in the world… You don’t. Want to lose weight? To realise a life ambition? To confront a fear that you know, you know deep down is holding you back? Start now. Enthusiasm can’t be faked, you might not feel like taking action, you might not feel as if you have the strength to do so. But you can realise that life is too short to defer your hopes and dreams until tomorrow. You can, regardless of how you feel, take one small step today to make a positive difference.

Life is too short, too precious, to look back and think, ‘How could have I been so stupid… Why didn’t I do what I know I should have done while I had the chance?’

Some, many, are tragically robbed of life way before their time. That could be you, it could be me. We have no control over the fickleness of fate. We do however, have total control over how we spend each day.

Be happy that you’ve woken to see another one… Make the most of it.

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