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Malaysian Airlines MH17

What’s wrong with the world? What sort of missile toting retard aims a ground to air missile at whatever random passenger jet happens to be passing by? ‘Oh… we thought it was a Ukrainian military aircraft!’ will probably be the apologetic response.’ Really! A Ukrainian military aircraft that just happened to be flying along a designated and well travelled commercial flight path. A Ukrainian military aircraft with a distinct resemblance to a Boing 777 carrying over three hundred souls on board. Don’t think of the potential catastrophe, if per chance it isn’t a Ukrainian military aircraft. Just excitedly point and shoot your hi-tech seek and destroy missile at whatever you see in the sky… Just as if you were playing Ace Combat 6 on your Xbox. Oh what fun it must be watching a commercial passenger jet plummet to the earth from 30,000 in a ball of flames, killing all 300 terrified souls on board. Souls with dreams, aspirations, families, futures… All wiped out in one idiotic moment of insanity. Don’t you have Android smartphones in Ukraine? If you do, here’s a suggestion. The next time you fancy swatting a plane out of the sky as if it was a bee buzzing irritatingly around your head, take a moment to install an app that shows you live information on commercial flight paths so that you can avoid this type of tragic lunacy. Or here’s a better suggestion… Imagine it’s one of your nearest and dearest on that plane in your sights, and then reflect on whether you’re still happy to knock a defenceless aircraft out of the sky.

Rest in peace all 300 plus souls who have so needlessly perished on Malaysian Airlines MH17.

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